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Work out if current date (today) is a week before a given date


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(continuing from topic title)

So if I set a date of July 7 2011 into my script, hard coded in, I would like the current date to be checked against the hard coded date, and return true if the current date is within a week leading up to the hard coded date.


How could I go about doing this easily?


I've been researching dates in php but I can't seem to work out the best way to achieve what I'm after.




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$then = strtotime('July 7 2011 - 1 week'); // such power at the tip of your fingers
$final = strtotime('July 7 2011');
$now = time();
if($now < $then) {
    echo 'just a little longer..';
} else if($now >= $then && $now < $final) {
    echo 'almost there.. almost there..';
} else if($now == $final) {
    echo 'celebrate good times com\'on!!';
} else {
    echo 'phew, what a PARTYYYY!!!';

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