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I am a newbie to PHP.

I have a pretty complicated web interface where I have to add some kind of online help buttons (a yellow circle with a questionmark). When the user click on the button, a javascript window should popup, containing the help text and pictures. In the long run, even maybe the ability to make further/deeper searches.

I have a huge framemaker 7.2 file, containing the help needed for the above feature including howtos, print screens etc.
My idea is to export this file to an XML file, and then call the XML file with a string of some kind. This might be a stupid idea.... have no clue :)

My system is Apache2 with PHP. I don't want to have any kind of running databases on the server (Gentoo

Since I am designing it now, I am open for all kind of solutions. Maybe there is some kind of "out-of -the-box" solution for this?

Thanks for your help

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