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php.ini file is in c:\winnt directory but no such directory exists!

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When I run the phpinfo file on my website: http://www.neumanngroup.com/phpinfo.php it says my php configuration file is located in c:\winnt.  There is no winnt directory on the computer hosting my site.

I do my own hosting and I am running Windows XP.  When I search for any php.ini file on my machine, the results come back with only the php-dist and php-recommended files inside the /php directory.  I know that one of these files is not being used because when I can some parameters on these files and restart apache, the parameters are not reflected in the phpinfo file.  I am searching with all files showing, all hidden files showing, and all system files and directories showing.

How can PHP even run without a valid .ini file?  Where is this file?  I have restarted Apache and the computer.  All I am trying to do is change the max_upload size in my .ini file and that is it.

Any thoughts on where I might find my missing .ini file??  Even though my site works great and is using a ton of PHP files (like wordpress and gallery2).



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If php cannot find a php.ini file it'll use the defualt settings which is builtin to the intepreter. In order to get a php.ini file you'll want to rename php.ini-recommended to just php.ini. Now move php.ini to C:\windows (change C to the letter fo your hard drive).

Restart Apache and phpinfo should now reflect the changes you make to the php.ini

NOTE: If you are using Apache2.0.x or greater you can add the following:
[code]PHPIniDir "C:/WINDOWS/"[/code]
To the httpd.conf file.

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