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while loop mysql_num_rows


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ok guys, im going out the door so forgive me for not showing any code..but I have a while loop whithin a while loop to display rows for two different id's. I have a mysql_num_rows vaiable set that displays 0 because there are 0 rows with the userid of 1...then it displays 2 because there are 2 rows with the userid of 3..now what i want to do is find a way to omit the return of 0 so that i can use the return of 2 alone. sorry if im not clear enough.

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heres a snippet quick


while($friend_query_array = mysql_fetch_assoc($friend_query)) {

$friend_id = $friend_query_array['friend_id_array'];
$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM events WHERE userid=$friend_id ORDER BY id DESC");
$queryrow = mysql_num_rows($query);


if i echo $queryrow i get  02 for the two times that it checks the num rows

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