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Comparing variables

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I have a form on my site where users are supposed to input the name of another user. I want to make sure that people cannot enter their own username instead of somebody elses. It also has to be case insensitive, because with the previuos piece of code i had, people were just inputting their own username in different cases to get around it.

Here's something similar to what i had before:

$other_user = $_POST['otheruser'];

if ($other_user == $_SESSION[username]) {
echo "Invalid";


I also tried a something with eregi that somebody told me would work, but that didn't work too well, and detected similar usernames as well as matches, but i deleted it and forgot the exact setup of it.

Can someone suggest to me a solution?

Thanks in advance.

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if (strtolower($other_user) == strtolower($_SESSION[username])) {


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