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query variable interpreted as column...but WHY?


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hello all!


my query, when executed, generates an error i don't understand.  :-\  i've seen similar entries, but i couldn't find one that related to this particular problem.  either that, or i'm a retard and didn't see it.  apologies if that's the case.  here's the error:


-->  Database Query Failed: Unknown column 'client_id' in 'where clause'  <--


i triple checked the database table and, YUP, the column is correctly named "client_id" and it is an INT column, so it doesn't need to be encapsulated with single quotes.


here's the code that makes it happen:




        $clientID = $_SESSION['clientID'];


$query = "SELECT * ";

$query .= "FROM client_data ";

$query .= "WHERE client_id = {$clientID} ";

$query .= "LIMIT 1";


$results = mysql_query($query);




what. the. heck.  :confused:


thanks in advance gang.  :P



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i deserve a mallet to the side of the head.  :'(  you were right: the column was from a pointer table. i'd been staring at it for hours, must've got brain-burn-in.


thank you for the speed reply and three more times for saving my from bashing myself unconscious on my keyboard.  :D



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