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How do you keep an AJAX connection live?


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I'm using AJAX to feed data to a PHP program and that program has to do a fair bit of processing if the data stream is large.  The connection seems to be timing out if I send large chuncks.  How can I force the connection to remain open until the PHP program finishes executing the process?  The process can take as long as two minutes.

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I'd agree that this is a PHP timeout.  You could try setting the timeout in the php.ini file if you have access to it or you could set it through code using set_ini().

Alternatively, you could split the work up and send it to the server in chunks.
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Yes, you probably need to adjust php's time out limit.

But, if your asking: how do I halt the browser untill the process is complete, use a [u]synchronous[/u] request. Not recommended BTW.

But what in heavens sake are you doing that takes up to two minutes? That's madness.
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