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shipping table option

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I have crated my shipping formula as below that works
// IntelliCART MX - Calculate Zone Shipping (Single)-(post)-(true)
if (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS["IMX_CalcZoneShip1"])) {
include_once(IMX_DIR . "/../Connections/jag.php");
$IMX_SHIPCALC = new zoneCalc();
$IMX_SHIPCALC->zoneTable = "dhl_zoneid";
$IMX_SHIPCALC->zoneNumberColumn = "zone_number";
$IMX_SHIPCALC->zoneCountryColumn = "zone_country";
$IMX_SHIPCALC->priceTable = "dhl_pricing";
$IMX_SHIPCALC->priceZoneColumn = "zone_price";
$IMX_SHIPCALC->priceWeightColumn = "zone_weight";
$IMX_SHIPCALC->priceAmountColumn = "zone_price";
$IMX_SHIPCALC->destination = "UK";
$IMX_SHIPCALC->weight = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["icJag"]->col("TotalWeight");
$IMX_SHIPCALC->conn = &$jag;
$IMX_SHIPCALC->dbName = $database_jag;
$HTTP_SESSION_VARS["icJag"]->shippingPrice = $IMX_SHIPCALC->calculate();

it is picking up the delivery destination from $IMX_SHIPCALC->destination = "UK";

but I want to be able to use a drop down menu to choose the country, I have a table with the relevant countrys in it, which works I have tested it by changing 'UK' to 'USA' etc

anyone help!


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