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Almost there with my home development server but need help...

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Am using a 1.6 Ghz laptop with Windows XP Pro SP2 for a server.  I loaded mysql-3.23.52-2in.zip / apache_1.3.27-win32-x86-no_src.msi / php-4.2.3-win32.zip.  I configured according to PHP and MySQL Web Development book ISBN 0-67232525-x from 2003. 

I know these are a little old but it is all I have.  I can't download anything newer at the moment due to living in Uganda East Africa with a flaky internet connection and 2kb/s download speed.

Placed my existing PHP code in the htdocs directory and it all works wonderfully.  I am using a Microsoft Wireless access point to network my 3 laptops.  I am not wanting to load apache/php/mysql on my personal laptop that I use for development.

Now the problem is that I dont know how to make the computers on my network see the server machine.  It appears that they should be able to already but I'm missing something.  Can anyone walk me through it?

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a little more info

the wireless access point is MS MN-700.  I can ping the other computers on the network.  I am trying to see the website by the address on the other computers the same way I do on the server.

Thank for any help.

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