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using a variable in a class


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I have a class that creates a grid from an xml feed. 


The class file is attached.


The grid displays on a page which is defined within the class as follows:


private $results_page = '/foobar.php';


I'm including the same class in multiple folders (the folders are addon domains) so I can have just one copy of the class so it is easy to modify.


The problem is that I need to add a variable containing the folder name to the $results_page path, so that when the class executes within each folder, the $results_page is 'FOLDER//foobar.php'


I have a file with defines in each folder, and I have tried including that file in the class and using the defined var in the construct, but I can't get it to work.


What am I missing?


[attachment deleted by admin]

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Im guessing you didn't write this your self? Not taking a shot at you but I need a bit more knowledge of how this class works and what its supposed to do so I can try to help you. Can you give us as much info about it as possible?

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The class makes a soap call to get an xml feed and then creates a grid showing the data.  I did not write the application, I'm just trying to adapt it for use with multiple sites. I could put a copy of the class file in each domain folder, but I prefer having one copy of the file to make modification easier.


On the designated $results_page, the class file gets called as follows:


$grid = new grid(); 
print $grid->displayEventByEventIDInteractive($_GET['eventID']);

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