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Slider Frame Will Not Center!


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On the start page of my blog: http://www.webprofitideas.com


I added a picture frame to the slider, and now it will not center.


If you look at it with Firebug the CSS for it is in slider.css and the specifc ID is #slider_wrapper (the container of the slider with the border as the picture frame which I'm trying to center).


I've done everything that is required to center a div.


- assign width

- position: relative

- and then margin: 0 auto 0 (auto left and right)


Still, it's not working, any ideas why?

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well, position relative is not needed to center something, besides that the margin:0 auto; trick works only for block elements.


now lets look at your markup:

<div class="clearfix" id="slider_wrapper">.....</div>

so not only does it get it's style from the ID #slider_wrapper but also from class .clearfix


and since it inherited from style.css line 389 a class of .clearfix with the property inline-block it won't behave any more as a block would.


So the margin:0 auto; trick won't work. In other words give it a property of display:block; and all should be fine except for some extra margin you probably have to add to the top of that div. If you would have used a gridsystem, this could have been done much cleaner. (something to think about on your next project)


Hope this helps!

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Thank you a lot, I got it to work.


I'm learning how to write clean code as I go, I have already re-written a lot but I'll try to do a much better job on my next project. And I will research the so called "grid system" tomorrow (it's late over here). If you have any cool links about that I'd appreciate that.


What are you doing for a living are you some type CSS specialist?



Thanks again.

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Glad it worked!


as far as grid systems you might want to have a read here: http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2009/06/45-css-grid-systems-layout-generators-and-tutorials-that-every-designer-should-know.html


I prefer the 960-grid the yui-grid and stubbornella's grid (which i am not sure is in that article)


As for a living, i sell snow to Eskimo's  :tease-01:

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