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Doubt regarding form submission


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I'm not sure if this is exactly a coding help question, excuse me if its not.


I want to know what is the best & secure way to submit a form to itself.

I've tried to google the answer, but did not get a proper answer with explanation or may be I didnt use proper keywords to search it.


Out of these which one do i use?


// Leave the action field empty.

<form method="POST" action="">

//$PHP_SELF, also if i use echo $PHP_SELF my form does not work like it should.

<form method="POST" action="<?$PHP_SELF?>">

//$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], same problem as $PHP_SELF, it doesnt work if i use echo.
<form method="POST" action="<?$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>">

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Thank you for replying,

if I echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; I get an error when i submit my form.

If I do not echo it or remove the action attribute, it works just fine.


As i've read, $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] gets the current file name and then we echo it into the action.

But I do not want that as I can manually type the file name into the action field.

The URL of my page contains the file name followed by a variable with value. Using that variable value from the URL my page displays data onto the page. So as soon as I submit the form, the variable from the URL is removed(replaced by the file name ONLY) which causes the error.This is the reason i get an error if I echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];


So I wanted to know if it is safe to exclude the action attribute of the form? Is it the right way of doing it in my case?

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oh i see.

what is your url, you might want to use request_uri if you are using modrewrite or url parameters.


leaving the action blank just uses current page, i dont think there is anything wrong with that particularly, but i always prefer to define the action script/page.

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Well i have a table which contains 4 fields. Id, username, name & age.

On the web page the id value is appended to the link which opens a new page containing user details.

I'm using that id from the link to display data onto the new page.

But it looks like I am logically wrong somewhere as i'm getting too many errors.


Leaving form action empty doesnt cause any security issue right?

Like vulnerability to XSS in the case of $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?

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Thank you for replying,

So is it ideal to set the form action="#" if the form has to be submitted onto the same page regardless of my case here?

Coz all my form submit onto the same page before navigating to another.

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I usually use the actual file name in the action attribute. So if the form page is called "myform.php", I'll use action="myform.php".


I've heard there are security issues with setting the action tag to be blank or "#", but I haven't seen anything on what those security risks are. I suppose it has something to do with the GET variables being included in the action attribute.


In other words, if you call the form as:



The action attribute would be set to:



If register globals is turned on, there could be an issue with GET data interfering with POST data.

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