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Create a while loop from an array


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HI all,


I need help to get data out of an array using a while loop or something simalar.


What I have, is this:



$data = array(

  1  => array(
                         "name" => "Jordan Smith",
		 "age"    => "16 Years 0 Months"
  2  => array(
                        "name" => "Olivia Smith",
                "age"    => "13 Years 12 Months"


Now, what I did, is I constructed this:

while($result=$data[1]) {
echo $result['name'];

But it echoed "Jordan Smith" for infinity down the page.


If anyone can help be do this, it will be great. Thanks


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There purpose is to extract specific values from an array


Kind of, but I'd say they're for looping through the contents of an array - or object - as opposed to extracting values from them.

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function print_arr($common1)


$callback =



            echo $value.'<br/>';






echo $d;


Hope you find it useful.

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