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Rebuilding Database Tables


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So I have the site set to go the last thing I have to do is set up the database.  The first problem I had is that the site came with a .sql file to populate the database, however it is encrypted with a .gpg format.  I have tried everything to decrypt it but I have had little luck getting it to work so now I am resulting to trying to manually rebuild the database for the system.  (This isn't a major website, it is a smaller one that I found on google code so there is no "how to" and I cannot get in contact with the creator.)  I was wondering if somebody could possibly point me in the right direction of how to go about analyzing the php files to determine how to rebuild the tables.  I know a decent amount of php to work my way around things I am just stuck on the sql part.


Any help is great!




MySQL version 5.1.56

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It did have an sha1 checksum under the download. But I couldnt find a place to put it in the software from gnupg


A checksum exists to validate the distribution.  It is not a key. It's included so that people can run the checksum on the files they have and verify that someone didn't go in and screw around with the contents.


If you don't have the password to decrypt the GPG file, you are out of luck. 




I'm guessing from the way you're beating around the bush there is some reason that you don't have it, like this is a commercial package you didn't buy, or something like that.  Please don't waste our time further.  This forum is for people to learn PHP development. 


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