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Suggestion. Need some help


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Hello, i Want the following code and the Variable $page To load a file in a folder. And get all of its contents. How would i do this?


$page = "{$_GET['page']}";

if(md5($_GET['page'] == '')) {  


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No purpose to having md5 as I can see, assuming you mean include a php file based on $_get["page"]....


$page = $_GET["page"];

// Includes whatever page they want, totally insecure!
// Could send a GET request with page = http://mysite.com/totalhackz0rscript.php

// So we'll use whitelisting

$acceptablePages = array(

if (in_array($_GET["page"], $acceptablePages))
} else {
exit("The page you requested is not allowed."):

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