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Getting date result, but not expecting any. Why does it give result?


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I am really lost here with this date issue of mine. The below code is the last part of a query:

$defendercheck_3 = $row_checkifattacked3['atdate'];
$defendercheck1_3 = strtotime("$defendercheck_3");
$defendercheck2_3 = date("D", $defendercheck1_3);


The query does not return any results as expected, but when echoing the various steps I get following:


echo "$defendercheck3"; = nothing (as expected)


echo "$defendercheck1_3"; = nothing (as expected)


echo "$defendercheck2_3"; =  result! (NOT expected)


why does it return anything on "date("D", $defendercheck1_3)" when "$defendercheck1_3" is blank?

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You are supplying a null/zero value as the second parameter, which is experted to be a unix timestamp. A zero unix timestamp value is a valid value and corresponds to the Unix Epoch.


What were you expecting to get?

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