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[Resolved] Looking for Script to sort table data (& populate database)

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I'm not exactly sure if this is the right location for this post, so my appologies if it belongs elsewhere :)

I'm wondering if anyone might know of a prebuilt script that I can use to do the following:

There are two things I want to do: (1) Make the data in a table on one of my pages sortable. (2-optional) Update/enter the data in a MySQL database.

Currently I have a page on my site that displays data in a table consisting of five colums that include values of text (including an href), numeric/decimal, and date.  Right now, whenever I need to update the table I have to add a new row and populate the colums with their data (via html).  All the info is housed [b]on that webpage[/b].

This seems like it should be something fairly simple, however I'm having a hellofa time finding a prebaked database/script to impliment at least one of these features.  If I had the time I would learn how to code it all myself, but I'm looking at a time frame of a couple days before I need it online.

Does anyone have any ideas of a script that, at the very least, would do the table sorting?  Preferably handling the database as well (though optional, like I mentioned).  Did I mention "free" would also be a nice feature? :D  I've searched online and found a few that handle the sorting but their coding seems a bit off and usually ends up screwing up the java on the rest of my page.

I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions and I really appreciate even the most miniscule amount of help :)

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I think if you followed the W3Schools link in my signature and go through the SQL tutorial, you'd have the database up and running with your data in within two - three hours.  Once you have that done, we can help you with the rest I'm sure.


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In hind sight, 2-3 hours would have been pretty good given that I spent about 10 hours yesterday troubleshooting a (rather nice) javascript that was able to achieve what I was looking for.  It's nice having one more milestone behind me.  Thanks for the links though Huggie, I took a look at the W3 link and have a feeling I'll have use for it at some point; at the very least it's something to add to my arsenal.


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