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Apply Trim on Whole Array?


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Is there a way to apply the function trim() on a whole array, instead of applying it to the individual input fields one by one?


Here's the code:

$blurb1_title = array ( 

$blurb2_title = array ( 

$blurb3_title = array ( 


All those $_POST variables are input fields, and I would like to apply trim() to them so the spaces get removed.


Is there an efficient way to do it without having to apply it all individually, if yes, what would be the correct syntax?





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Oops I accidentally posted my reply to the other thread. Well here's the reply again.


Thanks PFM,


I tried to implement it but I was not able to do so, I tried the following:


function blurb_titles ($all_titles) {



array_walk ($blurb2_title, 'blurb_titles');


Which I added below the array list.


But this would only break my script.

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What I tried was


array_map (trim(), $blurb2_title);


Didn't think that your version will work too, but now that I look at it it seems obvious. Trim is no different than any other function, it's just global.



Thanks abra!

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