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www.recruitment-agency-software.com --- can't get it to work?!?

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I'm new to PHP and MySQL and i'm trying to setup a web site with the "web based recruitment software ver 1.24" from www.recruitment-agency-software.com
I followed the instalation for PHP and database (found out in the process that it does not run on PHP5) every thing seam to work fine but when I go to see the list of jobs I entered it just tells me: "No jobs were found matching your criteria."
I have tried on both my local machine and a hosting facility. you can see it at:
http://duponsa.myfreewebs.net/ (click Enter)
you can go to the admin section at:
http://duponsa.myfreewebs.net/admin/ (user: admin, pass: test).
Please if someone has a clue or as installed this CMS/webapp, i'd be realy thankfull if you could help.

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On the Admin Panel, make sure that you change the end date to some time in the future.

If you have the starting and ending date the same, it won't show up on the list. Hope that helps.

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I just noticed that you although you have your jobs listed on different days, they're both in 2004. Since it's 2006, it won't show up.

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