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How to get a user-driven website started?


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A forum, for instance - any sort of website that lives on user-generated content - how would you go about getting it started?


I've run through (a rather bleak) scenario in my head:


1. User sees new website, let's check it out.

2. It's brand new, little to no content yet

3. User leaves and probably will never click the link again due to negative experience


so...do you have all your friends on facebook go and create some content?  Do you manually generate what looks to be legit content?  Do you just hope you catch a few people that love the idea of the site and are willing to endure the early slow-growth?  I'm curious because I have a good website idea and it's content driven - I'm not sure I'd like the idea of spending a month generating content that clearly comes from the same person or at the best, clearly is an attempt to NOT come from the same person.


Thanks for any pushes in the right direction.

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