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406 Not Acceptable Error

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I have two text content input forms for a website installed on a virtual-hosting service (leased). They were written a couple years ago; adapted from an article I found on the Web. They used PHP environment variables *before* the adaptation of  $_SERVER, $_POST, etc. variables. Earlier this year my hosting service upgraded PHP (and mySQL and so on). I has problems almost immediately but when I found out about the $_variables I changed ALL pages on my site to conform. They all work well, except for these input pages.

Yes, it sounds like I should be in a PHP topic! But since the error is [b]http 406[/b] I leaped to the server.

The pages in question include HTML forms to accept Author, Publisher, a teaser line, image link, and content text. A click on the submit button continues to inline PHP code to verify form data, open a MySQL connection, upload the info, etc.  It has been working perfectly for more than two years. And it HAS worked after upgrading the $_variable references.

That's the hair-tearing thing! I tried to load some new stuff yesterday. The first entry effort worked perfectly. The second (and subsequent) attempts failed with the 406 error! To my knowledge nothing has changed on the server. The host's cpanel and my FTP client both indicate that files are in place where they are supposed to be and where the "call" expects them to be. I'm not using the PEAR libraries or any other db tricks...just the plain PHP interface with mySQL. (And the DuBois MySQL book!)

I am befuddled! To say the least.

If you have and suggestions or want some code, please let me know!

Thanks for listening!

dlowery (hairless)

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