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Limiting the number of results returned


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Hi, I'm kinda a newbie to MySQL. I have a query that works, but am trying to now limit the results returned. Here's the query:













#__comprofiler AS c,

#__users AS u



c.user_id = u.id

AND u.usertype = 'author'

AND c.confirmed = '1'

AND c.approved = '1'

AND c.banned = '0'

AND u.block = '0'

AND c.avatar NOT LIKE 'NULL'


ORDER BY lastupdatedate DESC


How do I make the limit work? I've tried everything that was given to me and it doesn't return anything if I add the LIMIT statement.







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Well first, do you have any more column in those tables, because I'd just use * instead of calling each individual column.


SELECT * FROM  #__comprofiler AS c, #__users AS u  WHERE (c.user_id = u.id,  c.confirmed = '1', c.approved = '1', c.banned = '0', c.avatar NOT LIKE 'NULL'),(u.usertype = 'author', u.block = '0') ORDER BY lastupdatedate DESC 


Try that with adding the LIMIT after.


I maybe off, as this is not my strongest coding area, but if somebody else doesn't answer for a while, it's at least worth a try.

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You shouldn't use SELECT *, actually. You're better off to list the fields explicitly.


You say your LIMIT clause craters the query, but you didn't post it. Post it with the query string exactly as it is when it creates the problem, along with any error messages it generates.

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