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Accepting URL encoded values

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I'm a rank amatuer so be gentle...


I have a page I've created in Dreamwever MX. This page displays the entries in a mySQL table with a repeat region and it works fine. Now I want to create a link next to each entry where a user can email the creator of that record. I created a link named 'contact this user' within the repeating table to a form for composing a message.


Now I'm fumbling...


The URL I created appends '?someusername=&someusername%40gmail.com=' to that end of the URL to the contact form.


When the user reaches that form I now need the first portion of the string (username to be contacted) to be placed on the form. I also need to post method to be to send email to the second portion of the string (an email address). Is this possible?


Thanks for your time.

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use $_GET variables...


let's see if I understand... you have a user named joeBob. his email is joeBob@gmail.com, and you want someone to be able to send him an email.


this is the part I (possibly) am confused about.

the appended part would look like ?joeBob=&joeBob%40gmail.com ???


if that is the case, I would suggest you have it append



and then get the values by using $_GET['user'] (returns joeBob) and $_GET['email'] (returns joeBob%40gmail.com)



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