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Critique Please :)


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I found it a bit sparse. Lots of white and not much explanatory text. It actually took a while to work out what the website was about and i'm still not sure. Maybe some kind of introduction for people who stumble upon your site because it took a great will of effort to persevere with it.

The Google ads are very intrusive, and seem to me to be the focal point of the site.

I would suggest a bit if colour or images to and break it up a little.

Sorry to be so negative, I hope its helped though.
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I totally agree with Nick.
Your site needs containment and proper division with more than just red horizontal lines.

Your login doesnt provide the user with much "user management" functionality e.g. change password, But - it works as far as I had time to dig into it.

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initial response (and i'll try to come back a little later and give more specific replies): needs a lot of work. the idea is cool, but there is so much you can do with it.

1) [b]validate your code!!![/b] [url=http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=www.worldofbotcraft.com]tons of markup errors[/url]

2) [b]validate CSS!!![/b] until you get your markup validated, you can't do a CSS check cleanly.

i'll come back in a bit and comment on the actual page layout/content thoughts i had, too.

hope this helps some :P
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I'm gonna throw in my controversial opinion as usual and say: [b]don't mind validation[/b] (just yet). It is not your mayor concern. This site has waaaaay to many DESIGN issues to worry about validation at this time.

Don't get me wrong, I do feel producing valid (x)html is important, but it doesn't deserve any focus RIGHT NOW. Your design is absolutely terrible. When you have a good looking and functional design, THEN worry about validation.

You'll eventually get to point where your designs always validate because of your skill level, but trust me, focus on DESIGN first.

Always tackle the mayor stuff first, if only for encouragement. Visible results motivate. That's the way the mind works.
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