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starting-point to work with PHP-Curl in a very (!) simple harvester


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hello dear folks,  good evening dear community.



I need a starting-point! A German DB that collects all the data from all German Foundations...


see: http://www.suche.stiftungen.org/index.php?strg=87_124&baseID=129


Here we find all Foundations in Germany: : 8074 different foundations

You get the full results if you choose % as wildcard in the Search-field.



How to do this with PHP: i  think that we have to do  this with curl or with file_get_contents_ - those are the best methods for doing this: What do you think, personally. I am curious to get your ideas to know! please. lemme know what you think!?

BTW - probably - the XPATH and DOM-Technique can be used too. I guess so!?



on a sidenote: But if you do that - then you get some kind of overflow... 350 results are the limit. More is not possible to show. So the question is: How can we create a spider that runs across the site and asks step by step - that we get all : 8074 results.



The second question is: We get the  following dataset:


Name: Allers'sche Tagelöhnerstiftung Landesstube des alten Landes Wursten

Street: Westerbüttel 13

Postal-code and town: 27632 Dorum

additional infos: Fördernd: Ja

additional infos: Operativ: Ja

webpage: http://www.sglandwursten.de


main area of work: Aufgabengebiete: Mildtätigkeit  Kinder-/Jugendhilfe

regional-base: Regionale Einschränkungen: please 27632, 27637, 27638, 27607, Mitgliedsgemeinden im Bereich der Samtgemeinde Land Wursten, Nordholz, Imsum, verschiedene Gemeinden im Bereich der Samtgemeinde, Land Wursten, Gemeinde Nadholz

Target-group: Zielgruppen: Feste Destinatäre: Bewohner DRK-Alten- und Pflegeheim. Kinder, Jugendliche, Landarbeiter



All the dataset are simmilar! They seem to look exactly like this...

Th question is. Can this be stored directly into a MySQL-DB!?


Note; some descriptions are quite very very long. Guess that a Excel-Sheet can be overloaded by this!?


What do you think - is this doable!?


Love to hear from you  - best regards



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