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Script to delete files and database entries based on date


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Maybe some of the great coders here can help this noob out.

So here is what I have so far:


//set age criteria for deletion
$age = 60;

//get current date
$datenow  = date("Y-m-d");

//set the range we want to delete
$delete_range = $datenow - $age;

//get old user_id from users table
$oldusers_users = mysql_query ("SELECT user_id FROM users WHERE lastvisit < $delete_range ");

//get user_id from images table that correspond to users table 
$oldusers_images = mysql_query ("SELECT user_id FROM images WHERE $oldusers_users=user_id.images ");

//find folders that correspond to the usernames and delete
$oldusers_files = mysql_query ("SELECT username FROM users WHERE lastvisit < $delete_range ");
//print out username
//$result = mysql_($oldusers_files);
$foldername = mysql_result($oldusers_files, 0); 

$sigspath = "sigs/";
unlink($sigspath . $foldername . ".gif/index.php");
rmdir($sigspath . $foldername . ".gif");
//now delete user_id's from database
mysql_query("DELETE * FROM users WHERE user_id=$oldusers_users");
mysql_query("DELETE * FROM images WHERE user_id=$oldusers_images");
unset($oldusers_users, $oldusers_images, $oldusers_files, $foldername, $sigspath );


Right now it is only returning the first entry, not the entire list that meets the criteria.  It does delete that one file though but does not remover the rows from the database.


I am sure the database stuff is jacked up I am really new to that part.  What am I doing wrong here or is there a better way to do this perhaps

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