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form validation


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Something like this as an example:


if(empty($_POST['year']) || empty($_POST['month']) || empty($_POST['day'])) {
// one or all is empty do something here like redirect back so user can insert values
$date_ok = false;
} else {
// all have values continue with code
$date_ok = true;


or can even do more checks on it and the other way, must be set and not empty for each

if(isset($_POST['year']) && !empty($_POST['year']) && isset($_POST['month']) && !empty($_POST['month']) && isset($_POST['day']) && !empty($_POST['day'])) {
//continue with code only if all above conditions are met


whichever way you do it you must check all 3 values separate, not as one empty plus other code just used for displaying purposes. Or in this case you manually assembling your date.

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