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avoiding http 403


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I am trying to build an app which will scan a site multple times, the only problem is the 403 error, how do I get around this.

Searching seems to imply curl or user_agent, but can't get it working.


Any suggestions?



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Well we would probably be able to help you better if you posted some code on what you are working on. You mentioned cURL. Do you have a script that tries using it? Have you read the entry in the manual? We understand that you are having problems with a 403 error while trying to spider some sites, but we won't really be able to help you without seeing what you are working with, and what you know. Of course someone may come along and just hand you a working script, but its a lot better for you to work through a script you create. You learn a lot more in the process. And remember, the posters here are volunteers, with their own projects, and life.

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Thanks for your replies, sorry I didn't post any code but I wasn't just looking for someone to give me all the code as I know all to well that nothing will be learnt.


Problem I think is now fixed, using cURL.


Ok well if you want someone to give you the code, there is a freelance forum for that as I said. Asking someone for a full script for free on an all volunteer forum isn't going to get you very far.


Also, if your problem is fixed, there is a thread resolved button at the bottom of the thread

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