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mailing list problems

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when u type ur address in and hit submit nothing happens and it just resets, although it did make the email_list.txt file but wont add anythign into it... Im completely lost, any thoughts

theres the site http://www.nintendo.online-cue.com/send_email.php

// join the mail list?
if ($php_script_list == "yes")

$newfile = fopen("email_list.txt", "r");
$duplicate = fgetss($newfile, 255);
// is email address submitted already on file?
if(eregi("$from", $duplicate))
print("This email <strong>$from</strong>");
print(" is already in the database. <br>Please go back");
print(" and uncheck the mail list box");
$addemail = fopen("email_list.txt", "a");
fputs($addemail, "$from\n");
// since file doesn't already exist, let's create for first time
$newfile = fopen("email_list.txt", "a");
fputs($newfile, "$from\n");
chmod("email_list.txt", 0666);


<form action="" method="POST">
e-mail:<input type="text" size="22" name="from" value="urisp@urisp.com"><br>
Let me recieve newsletters!<input type="checkbox" name="php_script_list" value="yes"><br><br>
Enter your message and click submit!<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit">

====END CODE====

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also how could I add a message that appears when some1 joins the list or a redirected page saying thanks or somthing?

thanks in advanced :)

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