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[Resolved/Thank You!!!]: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE

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[color=blue]I've been trying to find out the cause of this error and don't have a clue. Its probably quite simple for someone more experience to seek and destroy.[/color]


function get_job_details_table($title,$location,$date)

$conn = db_connect();

$jobdetails = mysql_query("SELECT title, description, required
title='$title' and
location='$location' and

[color=green]$numofrows = mysql_num_rows($jobdetails);    ///////<-----the error references this line. [/color]
echo "<div id='detailsdiv'>";
echo "<table width='493 px' height= '400 px' align = 'center' border='1' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='3'>";

for($i = 0; $i < $numofrows; $i++) {
    $row = mysql_fetch_array($jobdetails); //get a row from our result set
    if($i % 2) { //this means if there is a remainder

echo "<tr bgcolor='#ddd8dc'>";
} else {

echo "<tr bgcolor='#feaae9'>";
echo <<HTML
<td align=left>{$row['title']}</td>
<td align=left>{$row['description']}</td>
<td align=center>{$row['required']}</td>

    echo "</tr>";

echo "</TABLE>";
echo "</div>";


Any help on this would be killer. Also, if its simple...I sure would like to know how went about solving the problem.

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I think you need a semi-colon right at the end of the line above the one you said the error was on. The date='$date' line.

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