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writing tags in xml?

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hey everyone

I'm making a file, that can write news text into an xml-file. All my text for my page is in the xml-file, and the structure kind of looks like this:


I have a piece of code (using the dom-functions) and I can easily create new tags within the root-tag. The problem is, that I want to put it inside the news-tag, so I can organize it. I've tried looking around in php.net/dom, but can't really fiure it out. Should be easy anyway. Here is my code:


$dom = new DomDocument();

$item = $dom->createElement("item");
$overskrift = $dom->createElement("overskrift", "I am a headline");
$tekst = $dom->createElement("tekst", "I am a text");
$linebreak = $dom->createTextNode(chr(10));


What I want to do is sort of like $dom->documentElement->news->append....
But that doesn't work. Can you help me?

  - Rune

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I wrote something like this, but in a existing xml file, here is the code:

function create_element($element, $content, $attribute, $attr_val) {
global $xml;
$elem = $xml->create_element($element);
if ($attribute != '') {
$elem->set_attribute($attribute, $attr_val);
return $elem;

$xml = domxml_open_file($path_to_file);
$Root = $xml->document_element();
$new_element = $xml->create_element("comment");
        //I set two attributes for the new element
        //Append two new childs for the new component (create_element is a function that returns the new created component, look upper)
        //This thing can help you to add a new element where you want
$new_element->append_child(create_element("contr", $_POST['contributor'], '', ''));
$new_element->append_child(create_element("string", $_POST['comment'], '', ''));
$nodes = $Root -> child_nodes();
foreach ($nodes as $subNode) {
if ($subNode -> node_name() == 'comments')
$subNode -> append_child($new_element);//here you append the new element to what element you want

The structure of the xml file is:
    //here is where I add the new element
    <comment date="" time="">

Hope it helps;

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