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Static content limited to 255 characters (what?!)

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Either this is really weird or really stupid of me.

I'm setting up a new Apache server with php5. I'm using the latest Apache (2.x.x) on Fedora FC5.

Loading of PHP files works. But when I try to load any static file (txt, css, etc), it returns a blank file to the browser for files larger than 255 characters. It reports 200 OK and the content-length header is reported correctly (256 bytes). But no content.

Drop off one character and apache sends the file fine with all the content.

Any ideas? This is starting to feel like voodoo.

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Okay, I figured it out, but it wasn't obvious. I neglected to mention that this FC5 box was running on vmware inside a windows xp machine. If that's not custom enough for you, the web root was set to a shared vmware directory. After much sleep I took another look at httpd.conf, and sure enough there was a option causing this behavior: EnableSendFile
I set it to 'off' and everything started working again. I don't really understand why Apache would behave in this way when using NFS (especially because no errors were being written in the logs), but I'm just happy it's all working now.

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