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SOLVED-advice, positioning element inside another

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I think I need some work at css.  The url is

The css file is on there too, you can see it in the source
I am trying to get that text, at the bottom left hand corner, a little above it, I tried using a new style called bottom i saw on w3schools, but it wasn't working, any other advice?

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When someone get's a chance, all I am wanting to know, is if you have a big element for instance

<div id="header">
<span class="text1">Administration Module</span>
The header div is going to be as big as the background image, which is pretty large, I need the text inside, to simply be position in the bottom left hand corner area, just a little ways away from the lower, and left wall.
I can get it to the left with text-align:center
but I can't get it to the bottom

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