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New Server Old Files

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Old server - Windows 2K, IIS5, Php3, usings forms to send mail. Server was part of Active directory until the AD server crashed and had to be rebuilt. This caused the IIS account to be lost. IIS runs but php3 stuff doesnt.

Resolution create new server.

New server on different platform - Windows 2003 web edition, IIS 6, Php5. This server is not part of a domain (I.E. NO A/D).

All web pages run correctly but no PHP stuff works.

Followed these instruction to install:


As you can see i have tried many different processes to get it installed and running. They all say pretty much the same, which leads me to one conclusion it is an IBT error.

Is there any place that has instructions on how coding should be to call php stuff when using a index.html file as the main page?

If the server is configured correctly then it must be my lack of knowledge on how php works (deffinately a solid thought). Here is the web link to a basic construction page where i tried to add a counter.

I have added code for the counter and also added a link to a counter under it, but only one counter shows.

Am i missing access permission?
Is my code wrong?
Is php not installed/correctly?
Is there syntax that i should be aware of?

someone please direct me to the link or page that has my answer.
I cant even get the test php to run.

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If you want php code to be executed, then you would need to rename the extension from html to php. So if your index page is index.html, you need to make it index.php.

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