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[b]been coding for 24 hours and need a bit of help with it..

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I have been coding for a billion hours or so and am missing what I am certain is an easy query....help me and its a pint of your favorite!!!


The problem:



Table Persona_data


ID numeric Persona ID

IND numeric Data element number (1-data.maxrecord)

VALUE numeric


Primary Key is combination of unique ID and IND


No null values


What I\'d like to be able to do is check for a

given \"ind\", for values that match a WHERE expression…for example, value > 1, value = 14


And having found that list, to then be able to

alter the contents of those values…not setting an absolute value, but something relative to the original VALUE.


Example of the query I need


IND=12 is the persona score {range 1-1000000}

IND=50 is the persona ranking

I need a query that will assign a persona ranking, ordered by highest score

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