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IT'S ALIVE!! - Feedback Please.


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Yeah, your navigation is a little strange looking.


I'd either tone down the height a little, or change the background to have a more header-ish feel towards the top half.


Even though the site name is in there, it simply doesn't feel much like a site header/banner.


Past that, on my browser, the whole thing is set to the left with about ~40px on the right side. I'd suggest that you either center that up (maybe its supposed to be but isn't doing it in my browser), or expand it to cover the entire width of the page, if you go that direction, at least make the header full width of the page. I think that would really make the whole thing pop.

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Ok, so I took everything you guys said to heart. I changed the header image and navigation... not sure if it looks more header-ish, but let me know what you think. I also enlarged the text a bit and centered the page so it shouldn't have the pixels on the right anymore. (I didn't see them in my browser so I'm not sure if it fixed them). BUT that being said, if you guys could take another look and let me know I would appreciate it greatly.

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