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[Solved] Understanding Installation of Self-Installing Mods or Blocks

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Ok, so I'm feeling very noobish at the moment. Forgive me for asking a basic question here. I have created modules and blocks and have had no problems. My question is to gain an understanding of self-installing mods. I have found a mod that contains a SB_SQL_installer.php file. How does this self install and how does one activate it? Basically, I've never installed a module and would prefer understanding it's workings rather than make a stab in the dark with it and mess something up. Please advise.

Edit:  To answer my own question: Place file in root directory which included main.php, open a browser window, and call for it in the Address bar. (ie) http://yourdomain/installer file. I hope this is correct and is of use to someone else as well.

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