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width 100% problem

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Eh.. I hate these kinda problems with css. Anyway, I have a div that I have position absolutely top: 0 and left: 576. I want that div to fill in the remainder of the screen, going to the right. I put width 100% but that makes the whole page scroll and makes that div really wide, not just end at the side of the page. www.carbenco.com for the sample, the brown is what should end at the side of the screen, but continues. Here is the css for that div:

[code]#two {
position: absolute; top: 0px; left:576px;
background: url("brownbg.jpg");
width: 100%;
                height: 504px;


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Dont use postition use floats.

Float #two to the left and the other div you have to the left too of #two

Try to aviod using absolute postioning. Learnt to use CSS layouts with floats they are alot more easier.

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