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As Requested - New Forum


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(And Fast Reply, too!)


This is a great idea, Eric. This is also a rather large load taken off the moderators. Now, instead of having to post the boring "Sorry, we don't support and/or modify existing third party scripts..." message and then locking the thread, they can all be moved here. I'll try to do a mass move (or at least a handful of threads) momentarily.


Thanks again.


EDIT: Mods, check out the invisible pinned topic.

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(And Fast Reply, too!)



most definitely!! I for one only mentioned it to one of the other mods yesterday so great to know the users feedback gets taken on board seriously.


I'll always use a 3rd party scripts' documentation as a first port of call, followed by several hours of scratching my head, but there has been plenty of times where I coulda done with a hand.


I for one learn PHP by ripping apart a copy of PHPBB (talk about the 'deep end'! lol)


Good call!





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phpfreak, please update the "Board Guidelines" page to reflect this new topic area.


I've already changed the "Read This: PHP Freaks Posting Guidelines" pinned topic in the PHP Newbie topic area under "Various Things not to do:" to say this:


DON'T Post 3rd party scripts (not written or customized by you) in the PHP Help or PHP Newbie topic areas. Post them in the "Third Party PHP Scripts" topic area.


You can update it to the same thing or similar. Whatever you write, I'll copy it over to the pinned topic so they'll be the same.


If you get a chance, please look at my topic post about board rules in the Admin Cafe area.


If there's a way for you to notify all the moderators about this new rule change that would be great.


Thank you for creating this topic area.

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lol well you might as well put this forum up since alot of the posts are about third party scripts anyway. I can offer support for phpnuke questions if the need arises. That should take the stress off of toplay hehe. sorry Bro just had to go there :)

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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