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Site for a local tree surgery company


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Hello, ive been asked to design a site by a local tree surgery company. 

The company have said they want somthing presentable, but other than that no-one want to meet me to look at any wireframes,

color boards etc. etc.


So here goes... www.1pw.co.uk , love to know what you think.  Presentable, Ugly, messy, smart etc.

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I agree that its a bit much green at the top of the page


In your first box under the menu where it says "local tree surgeon" etc...., im not sure there is any benefit in repeating the logo/company name in there


I wonder if you should have your "mission statement" above the "Benefits"


The benefits seem to have a lot of acronyms.  Are all your customers going to know what these mean?


I also find it a little ironic that you talk about how you can look after trees to maintain their health/beauty/benefits and then have a picture of a truck with what appears to be a lot of big logs from felled trees - perhaps a pic of one of your aborists at work "caring" for a tree would be paint a better image?

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