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limiting bandwidth per user

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So I've been working on a file hosting site.  Now each account has a limited amount of storage space, but how would I go about limiting how much bandwidth the account can use?  The upload files are publicly accessible, so is there a way to monitor say a specific folder and keep track of how much bandwidth it is using?  (outside of my hosts logs, so I can limit their bandwidth via my own scripts)

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No, this a server task, if your using Apache, then

Windows / Linux



Linux Only


Sambar has it own embedded throttle / bandwidth system, for both versions, Linux and windows

In IIS you can also enable bandwidth throttling, but not like Apache or Sambar where you can set limits per user, ip, directory, time of day. But there are a few 3rd party filters that add some more options to IIS, but none will bring you to the same manageability that Apache and then Sambar provide for networking monitoring in real time, where it's the only place that you should be doing this, because the server is better designed for this task!


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