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Maximum virtual hosts limit in OS X Panther 10.3 + Lighttpd

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Hi there,

I wondered if anyone ran into a similar problem like this. I have configured 4 name-based vhosts on my MAC, but when I add another 1 it stops working. I run a apachectl configtest which says 'syntax ok' then I try to restart apache and it fails. When I remove the 5th vhost it all works again. Ive double checked typos, made sure etc/hosts is correctly configured. Basically I copied a working vhost, pasted it in my httpd.conf and just edited it to the new directory name but it just fails. Its weird.

So I was wondering if there was a limit set that im not aware of that allows me only 4 vhosts and any more than that it fails.

Also if anyone knows how to configure lighty(lighttpd) with vhosts please let me know, as Im toying around with Ruby on Rails and they recommend to give this a try.

Thanks for reading....


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I have about 190 name-based virtual hosts configured on my Mac, so I'm pretty sure your problem is not a limit on number of virtual hosts.

Are you using Terminal to restart apache, or checking/unchecking the web sharing option in system preferences? If Terminal, exactly what command are you issuing, and do you get any error message when apache fails to restart? Have you made any [i]other[/i] changes to httpd.conf or any other apache-related files?

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