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Stick Pivot + Games


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A site that manages to combine the epicness of stick pivot and flash, with the, well, epicness of games... This site is commonly  known as .... animated gameplay


You don't need a link. Just google animated gameplay. IT TEH FIRST RESULT!

Home page should say " Animations and games.  AnimatedGameplay. "



To get the picture below to function properly, just click it!

(it is the power of animation... it is to powerful for the forum to contain!)


[attachment deleted by admin]

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I have a problem with you looking for advice but making people work for the link.


It's almost like you are trying to brag...or spam without posting a link.

You may not be first in other countries.


Either way......I didn't care for the layout of the site at all.


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It is not "spam". Just a mish mash of animations. The Advertisements are for my friends website.

Anyways, are the animations any good? me and my friends put a lot of work into them. (although not all of them are ours (we had permission don't worry)) Also, the layout. What was wrong with it? You said you didn't like it, but did not include why.


[attachment deleted by admin]

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"Mish mash" doesn't make for good websites. No matter what the content, people still want it organized and clear. The download size on the homepage is way too high for a site of that size (~230KB), as it the amount of requests -- many of which are to slow external sites too. It takes about 10-15 seconds to finish loading the entire page!


Look at paginating the animations, so only a smaller number is shown at once. Host the images/animation on your own web server. Reduce the requests (especially for external JS-based services). Do you really need the weather and a quote of the day? Nobody is going to "animated gameplay" to check the weather or for some inspirational quote! Also live chat, is it needed? Do you get many people requesting support from you through it?


You really need to cut out all the crap and give the audience what they actually want.. Then concentrate on the design aesthetics.

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