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detecting word wrap, new line characters

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I have a Flash application that's sending data from a simple input dynamic text field to a php script that saves it to a database. I then retrieve the data from the database and export it to a csv file. I am having problems w/ the wrapped text from the flash application causing the csv file to display the text in a newline.

When I try to detect the usual newline characters, (IE. \n, \r, \n\r) I am not finding any in the text.

here's the line of php code i'm using to try to detect any newline chars:

if(preg_match("#[\n|\r|\r\n][ ]*$#", $row_export['data_dump'] ) ){ echo "Newline characters found!"; }else{ echo "NO NEWLINES OR CARRIAGE RETURNS"; }

Is there any different newline or wrap characters that I could be testing for?

Clem C

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