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Hey, domain is not codetraders.com yet, just need to change my current domain,etc.



A search engine that enables users to share scripts/codes. Feel free to register on the test site and just have a little browse around.

Points system to help prevent users that just take scripts/codes without giving anything.

Points ++ for an upload which is downloaded.
Points -- for a download.

ps. search "php" or anything like that for my test result.

Thanks for reading  :).

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hmmm interesting.

if i was critiquing on what i saw first off, i'd say it was a little plain but ok. the idea struck me more than anything else.

my biggest problem came when i tried to test it out and found nothing. sure, it's not established yet so content is gonna be a bit slim - but until it has content, all it really is is a page with a few text elements and an input box on it. your use of the <font> HTML tag doesnt do much for my confidence in a coding resource either as I'm pretty sure that was deprecated ages ago.

however, i think the idea could take off (assuming that it's unique). as the results are (at the moment) limited, i think there needs to be more "prompters" to work more with what the user types - even giving suggestions on content that the user [i]may[/i] be interested in based on what they type, [i]ala[/i] google's "Did you mean ...."

your 'points' system is a pretty cool way of handling things.

Be interesting to see much more, but as it stands it's a bit of an empty shell.

[b]edit:[/b] whoops my bad - overlooked the tip to search 'php'. still, even when i did, i think some more work could  be done to the way things are served. you could learn a lot from google (and without necessarily ripping them off), but i think you've got something going here that could be good and useful.

hope that helps

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Thanks that helps alot, i like the idea of "Did you mean.." because well i am a bit slim on content.

I'll definitely overlook the <font>.

Thanks again.

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