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i'm new in php and i did new website by dream wever and i want make some thing like pass and i don't know how to do it ....

i need to know how to add php command to make submit work ass user name and pass ....and what i need to add in my server to resave the information about the users ...exg...text or what is the file which will resave the information and know if the user name and pass are right and how to save all users profile and picts in the page .... so if u can help me plz i will preciate .that for u ...

and remember i'm new in php ....

thx :)

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Okay first before you can do anythink with PHP, you'll need to know if your host allows u to use PHP and is installed on the webhosts server, you'll need to ask them.


Okay so what i think you're after is a membership system. There is a tutorial here at phpfreaks for a membership system which can be found here.


NOTE: in order to be to use the membership system you'll need to have a database, such as MySQL which most host provide, again you'll have to ask your host if you can use PHP and MySQL.


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