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El Dorado Trade School

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#1 knowNothing

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Posted 17 October 2006 - 07:23 PM

its a charter school, so it doesn't get its very own domain (YET...huhuhuh)


Let me know what your first impressions are I guess....  You wont be able to see the backend in action yet, but it includes user auth with permissions, agendas, newsletters, all with administration and stored as blobs in mysql.  Working on an online student locker system.

If its a little slow loading, its not because its graphics-heavy or anything, it only because the apple server its on  is slooow.

#2 redbullmarky

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Posted 17 October 2006 - 10:56 PM

hmm not too bad!
it needs a bit of pulling together and a general tidy up - notably the layout in the main content area, and you could use a better font for the links at the top (Login, etc). otherwise, it's ok on first impressions. it could also do with the navigation giving some sort of clue to the current page - ie, leaving it on or something.

i actually like your navigation rollovers though...
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I say old chap, that is rather amusing!

#3 AndyB

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Posted 18 October 2006 - 12:33 AM

Two overall impressions, to add to what Mark has posted, from observations with Firefox/1024/PC

#1 - the spatial arrangement of almost every page's content is different.  That makes the site appear disjointed and confusing.  Shouldn't be too difficult to pick one information arrangement/lsyout and stick to it for all the pages.

#2 - the top of the page is well defined with a full-width header.  It would be nice if the bottom of the page were as well defined.  Pages where the content is shorted than the leftside navigation look oddly unfinished.
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#4 steviewdr

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Posted 18 October 2006 - 08:20 AM

Not bad! I think you could tidy up the links however. Do you need all that space for a google and validation logos?

The "Latest News" on the index page needs to be a <h2> or something.


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