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Critique layout and suggestions please


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Layout is done just need to make sure it looks good and works good for everyone. Basic website with a basic look and feel is what we were going for.

I up for any Ideas on better ways to display the PDFs?

well check it out : http://tommymattonies.com/


Oh ps. is you have any SEO tips for it I'd appreciate it. Made the website for my uncles restaurant

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in my opinion, there are several things you can improve to make it more pleasing to the human eye.

(don't know if everyone sees the same as me, I'm on a Macintosh)


1. main text is too 'glued' to the image

2. top text next to the logo could also be just a bit further apart from the logo and I would align it to the bottom of the logo and not the top.

3. the buttons beign bigger than the yellow line is weird, and frankly looks like a styling error.


1. text is too cluttered and hard to read like that. I would seperate each entry with a very faint horizontal line or something.


1. Just show a blank page and attempt to download a pdf file.


1. why the change in style/harmony? homepage has the image on the left, I would keep this one on the left too.

2. too much space between image and text.

3. map seems completely out of place, hanging by itself at the bottom.


Again, Maybe your code only displays correctly in Windows or specific browsers but not for me, I'm on a Macintosh with Firefox 5.0.1


Hope this helps


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when you say too glued are you saying you think it needs more padding? Ive only tested my self in opera, IE and the browser on my blackberry.

on windows the PDF load on the page but I am looking for a better way to desplay them or convert the data in the pdfs to html data


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