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limit username length

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we need a \n guyss...


haha but that name must be stored in some external hard drive and he probably carries around the txt file so he can copy paste the name when he wants to log in. Its not just any external hard drive, with a name that long, its probably 100 tb.

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What in the.. how does that person even remember that username.  I mean, once he clears his cookies and all, ....  That username is just absurd.


People think they are funny when they do something like that. Maybe the administrator can change the font size too to make it look less cluttered.

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I think people do that sort of thing because they aren't interested in having to register on a site to ask a question, so they just enter in random shit to jump through that hoop, no intention of returning later...or if they do, just make another random account.  And in general I'm fine with anonymous posting... problem is that it opens the door for spambots :/

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