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Website builder queries using smarty template engine?

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I m making a website without using any frameworks or libraries. My coding level in PHP is advanced but have not much knowledge on third party frameworks.  One of the feature I have to offer is that there are bunch of templates from which a user chooses to make a new website. For example, if a person "john" registers in the parent website, he can choose a template from the parent website and makes his website[which can be viewed like http://www.parentsite.com/john or http://john.parentsite.com]. I have to build a system he could choose a template design for his website, upload image for his header, upload his logo, specify the font color, links color etc. There will be backend control panel [no third party framework], from where he puts his contents and will be shown in his site. We can say, the project is like a website builder.


I have to build these stuff with things in mind that user has zero level of coding knowledge. My query is can we achieve this by using smarty?? If yes can anybody give me the link to start with, I searched through out the net but can't find anything useful for me??




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